Vendor Safe Migrations

What does Vendor Safe Migration Mean?

dontgivetotoxiccloudvendor01To put it simply, Vendor Safe means that Office365Migrator does not secretly steal or inappropriately handle your business ‘s confidential data during a migration.  At every point you own, manage and control your own data.

Unlike Toxic Cloud Vendors who force you to migrate data into their “data center” before it goes to Office 365,  Office365Migrator keeps you safe because you have 100% control over you data, security and intellectual property.

Warning signs of a Toxic Cloud Vendor:

  • They keep your data in their own “storage” or “data center”, then move it to Microsoft.
  • Promises that your data is encrypted – but fail to disclose that their employees or software can access your data at anytime.
  • Your data is sent or stored with a separate legal entity – legal/license agreements that affect your data are hidden, hazy, or not described adequately.
  • Their application requires a 3rd party account such as Amazon or a hosting company to work.
  • They promise their partners that they can provide sales leads based on the data migrated through their apps.



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